Time Table




General Knowledge and Current Affairs

General Science

Day 1 Number System , BODMAS, Square root, Decimal, Fractions , Matter, Cells & Tissues, Motion and laws of motion.
Day 2
Day 3 Alphabetical and Number Series History (Ancient India- From Harappan culture to Jainism & Buddhism), Polity (Evolution of Indian Constitution, Constituent assembly and making of Indian Constitution), Current Affairs ( November 2017)
Day 4
Day 5 Sectional Test – 1
Day 6 LCM, HCF, Simple and Compound Interest, Atoms & Structure of atom, Diversity in living organisms, Natural Resources, Gravitation, Work and Energy.
Day 7
Day 8 Analogy History (Ancient India- From Maurya period to Gupta period), Geography (India’s physical geography), Current Affairs ( December 2017)
Day 9
Day 10 Sectional Test – 2
Day 11 Percentage, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion Sound, Human diseases, Chemical reactions and equations.
Day 12
Day 13 Venn diagram , Syllogism History (Medieval India- From early medieval period to Delhi sultanate), Polity (Different sources of Indian Constitution, important articles and important amendments), Current Affairs ( January 2018)
Day 14
Day 15 Sectional Test – 3
Day 16 Time and Distance, Upstream Downstream Acids, Bases & Salts, Life Processes, Light
Day 17
Day 18 Relationship History (Medieval India- From religious movements to Maratha state), Geography ( Water resources of India, Important irrigation projects, India’s neighbours, Wildlife sanctuaries and important national parks of India), Current Affairs (February 2018)
Day 19
Day 20 Sectional Test – 4
Day 21 Time and Work, Pipe and Cistern, Average and Sum Metals and Non-metals, Reproduction, Control & Coordination, Human Eye, Electricity.
Day 22
Day 23 Directions History (Modern India – From Advent of the Europeans to 1857 revolt), Polity (Preamble of Indian constitution, Fundamental rights and Directive principles of state policy), Current Affairs ( March 2018)
Day 24
Day 25 Sectional Test-5
Day 26 Alzebra , Age Calculation, Partnership Carbon and its compounds, Heredity & Evolution, Magnetism, Heat.
Day 27
Day 28 Classification History (Modern India- from 1858 Act to the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in India), Geography (Soil types of India, Agriculture in India, important rivers of India), Current Affairs (April 2018)
Day 29
Day 30 Sectional Test – 6
Day 31 Trignometry Periodic classification of elements, Environment, Sources of Energy, Pressure.
Day 32
Day 33 Mathematical Operations History (From Lucknow Pact to Poona Pact), Polity (Fundamental duties, Important Constitutional bodies, emergency provisions), Current Affairs (May 2018)
Day 34
Day 35 Sectional Test – 7
Day 36 Mensuration, Clock and Calendar Metallurgy, common facts of chemistry, Nutrients, Floatation, Simple Harmonic Motion.
Day 37
Day 38 Coding and Decoding History (from 1935 Act to Indian Independence) Geography ( Rocks, Climate of various parts of India, Population statistics of India), Polity( Union executive, State executive, Panchayats, Municipalities)
Day 39
Day 40 Sectional Test – 8
Day 41 Geometry Nuclear Physics, Waves, Chemical Bonding, human blood.
Day 42
Day 43 Data Interpretation and Sufficiency History (Important sessions of Indian National congress, famous battles, nicknames of leaders), Polity (Indian Parliament, Indian Judiciary), Geography ( Composition of atmosphere, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains)
Day 44 Sectional Test – 9
Day 45 Total Syllabus Test